7.23 : Shirt


That’s me and Paul, my boyfriend. We’re waiting for the show to begin, the first of many tools to promote the record that he produced – Red Hot+FELA. It was AWESOME and I am so proud of him. The very first song began and the crowd went crazy. Security couldn’t control the audience that night. To top it all off, I finished the shirt I custom made for him, just in time for his birthday -7/23. He wore it during the show and it makes my heart melt to know that he loves it.

Originally, I was going to make a boyfriend shirt, something for me to steal from his closet. During the process, I realized that his style just isn’t the same as mine, so I customized the shirt to him. After all, I wanted to give him a special birthday present, and it wouldn’t have been cool if I made it to suit my style. Don’t get me wrong, I love his style, but it’s for him.

front back

All the details were carefully chosen, from the fabric to the buttons to the thread color.


I briefly explained the process in my previous post, when I thought that there was no way I would complete the shirt by his birthday. Clearly, I became obsessive and finished it. I also couldn’t have done it without the help of Jonathan Embroidery, one of the only places in the NY Garment District that makes buttonholes.

pattern comparison

Here, Paul is introducing the show. Photo on the right was taken by David Andrako

I used a Kwik Sew Pattern, #3883 as the foundation. Aside from changing the fabric, I altered the pattern a little by adding a navy panel to the pocket.  For the rest of the pocket, I had cut it on bias, and did the same for the back yoke. I also didn’t top stitch the entire collar and the cuffs, as the instructions say to do. I didn’t find it necessary and felt it took away the sharpness of the shirt. The inside was finished with french seams and bias binding with contrasting fabric at the armholes.


Photo Credit: David Andrako

Can you find Paul in this photo?

Best. Show. Ever.


NEXT PROJECT: It’s going to be a surprise because I don’t know even know!! All I know  is that it will have clean lines  with details and intricate craftsmanship. I’m taking it back to my roots, yo. 

In the meantime, I just found out about Bloglovin’ . I’m a little behind in time. I would absolutely love it if you added Patterned After to your stream, but hey, I’m not complaining. I am happy that you’re here reading it and thank you! 

Stay tuned and see you very soon x