Shout Out Sunday: Designer Tomas Maier


Walking Greta while wearing my Tomas Maier shirt dress

I wanted to give a quick shout out to Tomas Maier- he was appointed by Tom Ford to be the Creative Director for Bottega Veneta.  He’s the reason why I admire this Italian luxury house so I wanted to know more about him.

Since I’m taking a few days in Palm Beach, Paul and I headed over to Worth Avenue to check out his store. Since it is August, most of the stores were closed, so I was happy to see that his boutique was open. Though it’s located on this famous avenue, it was still off the beaten path. Tucked away and slightly hidden, we had to walk past an antique store and  up a flight of stairs in a courtyard. Upon entering, the store was light, airy, with the doors wide open. It had a welcome feel and an unpretentious vibe. The boutique was minimalistic with a very friendly sales person.  It did not have a lot of product which is somewhat of a catch-22, but then I was able to see everything that was in the store.

Tomas Maier Store

Tomas Maier Store 2

Since I was able to see everything,  I saw a  simple yet beautifully constructed shirtdress made just for me 🙂


I paired it with my tribal inspired Zara necklace with heels one day, and another time, a simple gold necklace my Grandmother gave me and my Coach neon yellow sandals. What I love about this “Made in Italy” dress is that I could wear it inside out and no one could tell the difference. It’s made that well.

Tomas Maier is not about showing off. The logo is a bright orange palm tree, but placed on the belt of the dress, where it’s less noticeable.  In my mind, this dress is an investment. Excellent quality means long lasting.


IMG_4007So yeah. I can walk Greta, go to the grocery store, have drinks at The Breakers hotel , sit on a ledge with a croquet field behind me as I text message people, all the while wearing this black shirtdress.

It’s. That. Versatile.

September is fashion week and a busy month full of events. Stay tuned for future fashion related posts and my next project – A pair of pants embellished with lace!

Thanks again for visiting. Touch base soon! xo