Behind The Scenes Photoshoot – Cocktail Dress: Renna

Video credit: My boyfriend, Paul

I had so much fun doing this photoshoot for the cocktail dress I made for my first Patterned After post. It was shot by Chris Dinerman in an East Village Apartment.

So it wasn’t a high tech studio and I still like to pretend I am a model.

I enjoy the small things in life

Still working on that jumpsuit and will post shortly. Hint: It’s blue and silky.


A New York Moment

Photographer shooting the photographer - Le Boyfriend

Photo by Paul

It was a cold and rainy day in May yesterday but I had a great session with Chris Dinerman a.k.a Le Photographer.  Stay tuned for my first post of the DYO dress I made! Keep in touch through the “Patterned After” Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or right here on this blog. xo