Minna1 Born and raised in Texas and now based in Brooklyn, Minna is the writer behind Patterned After. She came up with the concept of the blog after creating her own designs for her line.  She discovered that many of the original patterns had a basic foundation, which could be used to create different looks and pieces.

One of Minna’s favorite past times is to create one-of-a-kind bespoke pieces. One of her methods is by  using existing patterns pulled from companies such as Simplicity, Vogue Pattern and Burda. Another way is by starting from scratch, from the basic slopers to the making of the textiles on fabric. However the method, her motive for this blog is to have a place for designers-at-heart to find various ways of creating quality pieces within their own home.

Other categories in this blog include Style Icon Fridays and Shout Out Sundays, which consist of fashion icons and designers that inspire her.

It’s all about inspiration and creativity.

Minna majored in Fashion at UT Austin and Parsons School of Design. She is an avid coffee drinker and as a hobby, trains and competed in amateur Muay Thai Kickboxing.

Dream [at] Dreamofsongs.com


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