Katazome Dyeing

A Finished Textiles Katazome

Student work drying on the line – except for the first one on the left. That’s our teacher’s- it’s really pretty.

I took a an intensive weekend long workshop on Katazome at the Textile Arts Center. It’s a Japanese method of dyeing fabrics using a resist paste applied through a stencil (as defined in the Wikipedia). You can see traditional patterns online, but in our class, we used it to create designs of our own. Masters of this art took a lifetime to learn this technique. I personally want to be able to use it to create my own textile designs, and to apply it into my clothing that I make.

B Making Paste Katazome

Making the paste

C Adding the Paste Katazome

Our teacher, Sara Peterman is demonstrating on how to apply the paste to the fabric, using her own textile design

D Sarah textile katazome

Sara is showing us the results of the dye

E Students Working Katazome

Students working on their own textile designs

F After the Paste Katazome

The far left is the one I made. We are waiting for the paste to dry on our fabric before applying the dye.

I like this way of screenprinting. The paste consists of natural ingredients that are accessible (rice bran, rice flour, etc), and the tools are easy to find. I can do all of this at home. The only rare commodity is the paper for the stenciling but I found it!!

Sometimes doing something creative releases creativity. It opened up a portal in my soul, so I am constantly thinking about new designs.

G My final work

Drying my designs

I’m inspired to design from scratch, so the blog posts will more than likely be split up in sections. I will show you the dyeing, the patternmaking, and the sewing (and posts on different subjects in between 🙂 )

It’s going to take awhile, but I know that it’s going to be a great Spring 2014. I can feel it!

Stay tuned xoxo


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