Summertime Rolls

The past month, I’ve been making a Boyfriend Shirt.  It’s just…it’s hard to not be outdoors, on the beach, or listening to music….

I really wanted to have the shirt by July 23rd, my boyfriend’s birthday. Ain’t happening. I had this whole thing planned. I was hoping he would wear it on the day of a music concert he is putting together for a record he produced….which, by the way, if you’re in New York on July 24th, there’s a FREE outdoor concert called Red Hot + FELA, in honor of Fela Kuti, a human rights activist, and pioneer of Afrobeat.  I am so excited and proud of him, but he won’t be wearing the shirt that night, unless he wants sleeveless and no buttons.

I can show you the process so far:


I measured him, according to the Kwik Sew pattern (#3883) I found online. I did a very quick sketch so I could have something to work off of.


I gave him swatches to choose from


He chose two from the swatches, and the navy came later


I manipulated the pattern a little and then made the muslin from it. I then did a fitting on him. The sleeves were too short so I extended it. This is also where Paul (my BF) said “Hey, wouldn’t it be cool to make the top part of the pocket navy” ? I said, “Okay”.


So far, here it is with no buttons, collar or sleeves.


I also went to look for buttons and got navy ones but now I think maybe white. What do you think? Please excuse my chipped nail polish.

I am actually lugging my sewing machine all the way to New Jersey this weekend so I can go to the beach AND sew. If it’s a productive weekend (on the sewing) then I can post it next week. If not, then the following.

In the meantime, I named this post “Summertime Rolls” because I thought of that song by Jane’s Addiction. That whole Summer thing I’m going through… then it lead me to think about “Summertime” by Scarlett Johansson. Who do you think her song was modeled after (or patterned after!…okay, I’m being a nerd) – I’ve got it right here in the playlist below. ENJOY.


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