Introduction to Patterned After

A few months ago, I was walking down the street with my boyfriend in the East Village (Okay yeah, there’s a point to this) It was still in the 30’s, so I was wearing my black wool G-Star coat that had a high collar, the cable slouchy burgundy beanie that I hand knitted, and knee high boots. Somehow I totally remember what I was wearing.  I told my boyfriend what he wore from head to toe during our first date. It’s a good thing he found that charming (There wasn’t really a point to this part except that I really like clothes and my boyfriend didn’t think I was crazy).

We were crossing 1st Avenue, over by Momofuku’s while I was telling him about my idea for this blog.  It was intended to show my step by step construction of a design that I made, beginning with a basic pattern. He loved the idea, and came up with the name that night – Patterned After. I thought it was perfect. At the time, it didn’t come into fruition because I was training for a Muay Thai competition. That left me no time at all.

Now that the competition is over, I am doing it!! I often think about how an artist does art just for the sake of creating. I on the other hand, do not brand myself an artist, but if I really loved doing what I did, then why not take the time to make it. It didn’t matter if I ever had an occasion for this piece of clothing. It only mattered that I did it. Stay tuned folks. It takes a while to make an item of clothing. The process is long, but the outcome is rewarding. If you’d like to see the progress,  there are a number of ways. Just click on the FB,  or Twitter links, or follow this blog. Thanks for stopping by!